Mammi reference centers

Due to the World Breast Cancer month in October, our Mammi reference centers wanted to share with us a very special picture. The people who works on a daily basic with Mammi, to obtain an accurate and effective diagnosis of breast lesions are key to Oncovision, so we would like to do a dedicated new about it.
The main objective is to improved patient’s quality of life making Breast Cancer diagnosis and management more accessible. From Oncovision, we feel very proud of every health care that makes a difference on women’s life.
We would like to tank specially the following centers for the commitment showed since the very beginning with Oncovision. – Dr. Jose Ferrer from ERESA (Spain) – Dra. Ella Jones from University of California San Francisco (US) – Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center (China) – Dr. Jose Boan from Ruber International (Spain) We will add more pictures to complete our Mammi Reference Centre list.