Great success of radio guided marking and surgery workshop with 125I seeds at MD Anderson, Madrid, Spain.

Oncovision was present at workshop Radio guided marking and surgery for non-palpable breast lesions with 125I seeds, celebrated last Saturday 17 February.

The workshop took place at MD Anderson Madrid and was hosted by the multidisciplinary Breast Management Team, Doctor Mª Eugenia Rioja, pioneer in the labeled tumor technique, which allows more conservative, more efficient and shorter surgery than conventional techniques.

This technique allows us to focus very well the lesion, reducing the number of patients that has to undergo surgery again because the entire tumor has not been removed” Dra. Rioja said during the workshop.

Oncovision was promoting the gamma camera Sentinella for radio guided surgery, an essential tool to visualized in the OR, the mark lesions and the Sentinel Lymph Node.