Oncovision begings the first clinical trial in the world with caremibran, the dedicated brain pet, at hospital clínico san carlos (madrid, spain)

– This new Brain PET, CareMiBrain, developed by Oncovision will be used to diagnose and follow up the neurodegenerative and neurovascular diseases as well as brain tumors.

– CareMiBrain provides more than double resolution and three times sensitivity compared to conventional whole-body PET .

The Nuclear Medicine Department from Hospital Clínico San Carlos is carrying the clinical trial which has been presented to the Health Councilor of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero. Oncovision has developed the Brain PET CareMiBrain, the most innovative technology dedicated specifically to study the brain and intracranial structures of the central nervous system, which will facilitate the diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative and neurovascular diseases as well as brain tumors.

CareMiBrain will be focus mainly on the investigation of diseases related to the brain for the early detection and differential diagnosis of degenerative dementias such as Alzheimer’s, primary brain tumors and residual brain tumors with metastasis detection; epilepsy and indications in movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and stroke diseases.

This new Brain PET has more than 45 detectors distributed in three rings that increases the spatial resolution by more than double and achieves three times more sensitivity compared to conventional whole-body PET, generating higher quality images with more accuracy in less time and lower radiotracer dose for the patient.

Its compact size and ergonomic design facilitates the patient’s comfort during the test, since it is not necessary to lie down, reducing patient’s anxiety. In this system, the patients ´ll have a sit with the lower back on the back seat and resting their arms and feet’s on a comfortable position.

Prior to the test a radiotracer is injected in the patient’s bloodstream as in any other PET. The silicon detectors are placed closer to the brain than the whole-body PET, thus reduce the scan time and allows the optimization of the resources, so the Hospital can use the whole-body PET in other studies not related with the brain. In 10 minutes CareMiBrain realizes a complete study of the patient’s brain functions.

Thanks to its high sensitivity, up to three times compared to other conventional equipment, CareMiBrain may reduce the radiotracer injected dose to the patient or it´ll reduce the scanning´s time, increasing the number of patient that can be scanned per day.

The Possitron Emission Tomography is based in the radiotracer administration through the patient bloodstream that allows visualization of the cell´s functional activity. In this line of research, CareMiBrain seeks to improve the diagnostic capability of whole-body PET related with neuroscience and oncology.

The Alzheimer’s disease is the most relevant neurodegenerative disease and it is estimated that very few people are correctly diagnosed, given the pathophysiological anomalies that precede the onset of the clinical symptoms of the disease in at least two decades. With early diagnosis, it will be possible to develop innovative therapies that may delay or block the natural progression of the disease.

Caremibrain begings its first international clinical trial

The Hospital Clínico San Carlos leads a clinical trial to validate CareMiBrain with the commercialization end point in Europe at the end of this year. The clinical trial has two phases; the first one is only performed in this public hospital of Madrid and it is a descriptive, prospective and observational pilot study to compare and validate the image quality of the new brain PET in comparison to conventional whole-body PET in 40 patients. For this fase, two Nuclear Medicine physicians will compare and analyze separately, and without clinical information or previous diagnosis the results of the images provided by the conventional whole-body PET and the dedicated brain PET.

In this phase the patients did not receive higher radiation dose even if the realize the test in two PET scans, because the radiotracer injection used for the whole-body PET test is also used in the dedicated brain PET.

Once this phase is finished, Oncovision ´ll apply to obtained the with CE mark for its commercial use.
A new Fase II, multicentric international study will start and will be lead by the Hospital Clínico San Carlos with 100 patients. Three others worldwide known hospital from Europe and United States as Tubingen Hospital in Germany, Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston; and Northern California PET Imaging Center, in Sacramento, will participate to reach a total of 310 patients. This clinical trial has received founding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Oncovision has a wide experience in the medical imaging field applied to the cancer and diagnosis, has choose the Hospital Clínico San Carlos to validate the innovative images of CareMiBrain because of the highly qualified professional physicians and its installations where the investigation will be done in optimal conditions.